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About Becker Tax Controversy Group LLC

Becker Tax Controversy Group LLC focuses on the crucial matters of government audits (Federal, State, and residence), appeals, and collections.

Our firm has a highly distinguished record of representing clients before Federal, State and local tax authorities and obtaining optimal outcomes in high-stakes tax controversy cases. We prepare clients for multi-faceted audits, devise the most successful strategies for appeals, and manage significant collection cases.

We engage our unsurpassed experience to pinpoint the strategies that will bring you the most favorable results.

Every tax controversy client the firm handles is given the expert attention of Stuart Becker himself. With over 40 years of experience assisting high net worth clients in New York and Florida, Mr. Becker is known as a powerful ally in audit defense and appeals.

Mr. Becker is one of the country’s foremost authorities in tax controversy, frequently sought out by clients and the media for his expertise. His reputation includes successfully enabling clients to overcome complex tax controversies by devising the most advantageous strategies—with the result of preserving financial well-being.

While it is common to procrastinate or even ignore unresolved tax issues, this can compound them further. By delaying response and action, you can sacrifice your rights, incur collection liens, and lose opportunities for resolution. We offer the expert advice and confidence needed to address tax disputes promptly and successfully.

Our credibility with tax authorities and our unmatched insight allows us to develop strategies which translate to effective advocacy. We are dedicated to seeing that your rights are protected, your tax positions well-researched and presented to auditors, and your appeals handled masterfully. 

If you want to ensure the most favorable possible results on your tax controversy issues, you need the apex of experience that Mr. Becker offers.