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About Becker LLC

Our representation has been built on advising clients on how to best enhance and preserve wealth through sophisticated tax planning strategies. Our expertise encompasses the nuanced thinking and implementation needed to help our high-level clientele enhance and preserve wealth.

Becker LLC provides a comprehensive range of proactive accounting services to individuals and estates, as well as C corporations, subchapter S corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and publicly held companies. We are experienced in representing U.S. taxpayers with multi-state or international operations and foreign taxpayers with U.S. operations. Our clients rely on us for their local, national, and global needs.

We are adept at ensuring that our clients’ business and personal tax accounting matters are handled in tandem to create optimal tax savings. We constantly look for new tax beneficial strategies in light of changing federal and state requirements.

Our firm offers each client the expertise of Stuart Becker, who has more than 40 years of experience handling the most complex tax and other accounting matters on behalf of exclusive clientele.

Mr. Becker is renowned for his unsurpassed ability to consider all the nuances of each client’s situation and develop customized solutions, while maintaining the highest accounting standards. He is highly respected throughout the New York and Florida high net worth communities for his attention to detail and strategic counsel.

Mr. Becker’s expertise translates into unparalleled confidence and peace of mind for our clients. You can be assured of an unwavering focus on understanding and meeting your accounting needs. We will work ceaselessly to bring you tax saving opportunities and decrease your tax burden.